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23. SUD Lisboa
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When restaurants that turned into dance floors and post-dinner entertainment spaces were not yet a trend in the Portuguese capital, SUD Lisboa stood out for its difference. It did not just present itself as a restaurant, additionally, it featured a connecting area for hosting large events, but also a bar, and an inviting pool for swimming with a view of the Tagus River. It was aspirational in every way. Starting with the space itself, the joining of two riverfront icons, the Piazza di Mare and BBC”. The SANA group renovated and invested to improve the area that was already demanding a more sophisticated offer. On one side, they created the SUD Lisboa Hall, a versatile space designed to host parties such as weddings and birthdays, as well as large corporate and social events; and on the other, they gave birth to the SUD Lisboa Terrazza, a majestic restaurant with an infinity pool on the upper floor as well as a bar. Opened since 2017, SUD Lisboa quickly became one of the trendiest spots in Lisbon. The beautiful and magnificent restaurant captivates you upon entry, but it’s the riverside that wins you over, with a view of the Tagus River and the 25 th of Abril Bridge. It strikes a balance between elegance and informality. It’s a restaurant to go and enjoy the ambiance, without rushing. It’s a place to impress and, above all, to have an experience, not just a meal. There are themed dinners and parties with live music nights.During the day, the atmosphere is bright and at night it is more intimate. The menu, adapts to any occasion. It is well composed, with a strong Italian influence, as noted in the emphasis given to pastas and risottos, all homemade, from the crustacean and lobster ravioli, with sautéed mushrooms and creamy celery with crispy ham, to the saffron Milanese risotto with roasted scarlet prawn. Then there are the various options of main courses, divided between fish and meat. The appetizers are a must, just as the desserts are irresistible and the hard part may be choosing between the pecan nut mille-feuille, caramel toffee, and red fruits or the creamy dark chocolate, with praline crunch and stracciatella ice cream. The wine list is quite complete and includes some treasures, and the champagne and sparkling wine selection available are hard to find elsewhere. At the SUD Pool Lounge, where, as the name suggests, the pool and bar are located, it is also possible to eat, but the menu is shorter, while the drinks list is quite diverse, with signature cocktails standing out. There is live music with DJs setting the good vibe of the space, making it even more attractive. During the right season, the pool is open for swimming.